The SurgeryPod is used to maximise patient self-service in GP surgeries enabling patients, without clinical supervision, to perform their own tests which are uploaded instantaneously into their patient record.

Typically situated in waiting rooms where patients find its robust, multilingual, touchscreen very easy to use, SurgeryPods are connected directly to the local practice management system; all fields are read coded so information can be stored immediately therefore data gathered prior to consultation can be instantly displayed on the GP’s screen thus improving services to patients allowing them to spend more high-value time with their doctor.

Results speak for themselves

One practice who have recently had the SurgeryPod installed are delighted with the impact it is having on their practice. The figures below demonstrate the reduction costs within the first 10 weeks of having the SurgeryPod installed.

  • Pod used by 650 patients in first 10 weeks
  • 650 Patients x 15 min appointments = 162.5 hours (27 days of clinic time for a Practice Nurse)
  • Practice Nurse average hourly rate, £16.44 x 162.5 hours = £2671.50
  • Pod payment for a 10 week period = £705.00
  • Saving of £1966.50 over the first 10 weeks of use.
  • To seize opportunities for growth that builds and enhances upon our core competencies.

Reporting on a range of key variables

  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Pulse
  • Blood pressure
  • Clinical questionnaires including, amongst others, QRisk2©, PHQ9, asthma, epilepsy & contraceptive checks
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