Care Messenger

Older people in certain degrees of sheltered housing commonly feel isolated and in need of much more communication and help to retain their independence.

Most elderly people have not grown up in a world of modern communication technologies like mobile phones, computers, tablets, and the internet, and so find themselves excluded and estranged from it. The only technology they are familiar and comfortable with, and which often has a very high profile in their lives, is the TV set.

Care Messenger, powered by i-Spy's proprietary™ software engine is a unique interactive communication tool that allows personalised messages to be targeted to individual TVs overlaying commercial TV channels.

Results speak for themselves

Residents use their existing TV configuration connected to our set top box application. i-Spy's™ messaging software is pre-installed on the set top box and using an internet connection accesses i-Spy’s powerful™ server.

Users can open or close message boxes, or choose from a number of responses using the buttons on a simple remote. Responses can be linked to a call centre monitoring resident activity, and triggering a phone call or a visit as required. Messages can be easily shared by family members or care professionals from Care Messenger’s dedicated mobile app.

Simple, cost effective, integrated communication for all

  • Works with any TV configuration
  • Shares text, images, video
  • Web based content management
  • Interactive and multiple choice message options
  • Simple to use for end users – no new technology to learn
  • Integrated mobile phone and tablet apps available for family and carers
  • 100% integrated communication (residents, carers, families, providers)
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