Enabling effective remote monitoring for patients within the home; reduce the load on health service workers.

HomePod enables people to be monitored for health changes from where they live, making it possible for those with long term conditions to have less frequent unplanned contact with health services.

The HomePod is a signifcantly enhanced means of enabling and supporting patients to self-monitor their long term condition. It would be suitable for use in early discharge or virtual ward schemes, or for the delivery of rehabilitation programmes.

HomePod Features

  • Roaming SIM for reliable signal
  • Variety of robust connectivity options
  • Video-conferencing over WiFi
  • Personalised disease management
  • Secure transfer of data
  • Real-time data submission
  • Submitted results available for review
  • Wide range of integrated medical devices
  • Available on smartphones and tablets

Benefits to Organisation

  • Saves GP Practices and Hospitals resources as patients are remotely monitored
  • Enables clinicians to review trends in patients' health
  • Decline in patients' health can be identified and enables early intervention
  • Clinicians can use their expertise with patients who need face-to-face care

Benefits to Patient

  • Patients can stay at home longer/leave hospital sooner as they can be monitored at home
  • Improves patients' health
  • Exacerbations can be reduced with early intervention
  • Patient becomes expert in their own disease
  • Gives people confidence to manage their own condition
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