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Domains and Hosting Explained

Domain names are the fundamental naming system for websites on the internet. They come in hundreds of different variations, with the most popular being the top-level domains (TLDs) of .com, .net and .org. These map the friendly addresses a user puts into their browser to the physical machine (or machines) that host your website.

Hosting of your website basically means that your website will be physically stored on a server, or a set of servers depending on the scale of your site, and is then made accessible from anywhere on the internet.

The two go hand in hand, as one typically won’t exist without the other. Though you can have one website that has many domain names (for instance if you’d like to have the .com,, .net and .org for your company) and at times you may have sub-domains that point to different hosted websites (for example you may have a shop website at or a help website at

What Microtech will do for you

  • Handle all setup and installation of your website
  • Register all the domains you require and suggest others
  • Handle any renewals transparently so you are never hassled by suppliers
  • In the case of transfers from other suppliers we'll manage the whole process
  • Work with our suppliers to ensure guaranteed uptime
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