iWorkflow for Docman

The very latest in next-generation electronic document workflow.

iWorkflow incorporates intelligent routing based on assigned actions which streamline the creation and processing of workflows. It provides practices with huge measurable efficiencies and frees-up valuable time for healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

Working closely with practices iWorkflow has been developed to directly improve processes around the practice. The intelligent Action Based Workflow features and Quick Step single click options reduce interactions saving GPs and practice staff time.

iWorkflow is an intuitive, intelligent and advanced workflow module to the advantage of healthcare professionals. The clean, easy-to-use interface facilitates a fast workflow process, enabling practices to spend more time on patient care, not admin.

So why change your workflow?

  • Increase productivity; fewer mouse clicks, group commonly used items together, create productivity shortcuts, emphasise important areas of the screen to aid decision making.
  • Make work flowing more intelligent; actions can determine the route, get an opinion, CC - copy a colleague, forwarding.
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