Intellisense for Docman

Intellisense for Docman has been designed to assist the practice in two core aspects of a practices daily workload – filing and summarising.

Intellisense recognises incoming letters based on their content and patient information. This allows for fast filing of scanned letters but more importantly, allows read code extraction and summarisation direct to your clinical system helping you to earn QOF points.

Patient Identification

Intellisense scans the text of a document and extracts key information like date of birth, NHS/CHI number, forename and surname and then matches this information with the patient register. Matches are scored from 1 to 3 based on how much patient data is found.

Document Identification

Matching against pre-defined Intellisense templates, document content is matched in order to determine the filing details. For example, you might have a pre-defined Intellisense template for Glasgow Royal Infirmary's, Dermatology Department. Any incoming letters that contain matching keywords will automatically select the GRI Dermatology template. This template would also specify a default folder and perhaps a document filing read code saving you even further time so you do not have to manually select it when filing.

Intellisense Summarising

Having filed the document against the patient’s clinical record; the summarising element of Intellisense extracts diagnosis read codes. It does this using sophisticated 'proximity' algorithms and relevance scoring (similar to the way that some search engines rank search results). When summarising, you have access to the patients existing clinical history from within Docman, the text from the document you are Summarising, as well as the extracted read codes sorted in priority.

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