Docman for Business

We take care of the paperwork so you can take care of your clients.

Microtech currently supports over 1000 businesses with systems that tame the daily paper storm. Docman software is an easy, fast way to file, annotate, discuss and distribute documents, drastically cutting admin hassle and the risk of losing something vital. Which means it also saves you money.

Why choose Docman?

In short, because we've been doing this for a while, we're really good at it and we know we're good at it because our clients tell us so.

We don’t just supply the software and equipment we provide a complete service from installation, training through to full technical support of the product.

Docman Key features include:

  • Reduces filing time
  • Eliminates re-filing time
  • Distribute mail electronically
  • Enables multiple user access to documents
  • Retrieve documents much more quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce the risk of misfiling
  • Reduces storage space
  • Password protect documents
  • Secure audit trail
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