Collaborator offers a fully audited discussion platform for your organisation, enabling everyone to manage, share and discuss matters relating to patients and the running of the surgery or clinic.

Docman Collaborator presents a unique software solution for the healthcare sector, leveraging the power of Docman with its integration into your clinical system and access to documents and the data stored therein.

Docman allows all of the professionals working in your organisation to collaborate on any matter without the need for them to be in the same room at the same time or exchanging phone calls and emails.

Lighten the load

With the ever increasing workload placed on GP practices we recognise the communication challenges faced by organisations to deliver. It is not always easy to have a face to face meeting, so increasingly practices are looking for other ways to carry out business.

Docman provides you with the solution to manage patient clinical correspondence efficiently, Docman Collaborator will enable you to transfer this into the way you manage your practice. The solution extends the current back office suite to provide simple but effective tools for collaboration.

A host of added benefits for Docman

  • Internal Referral Review
  • Complex Patient Discussion
  • Trainee Mentors
  • Managing Patient Complaints
  • Policy Drafts and Reviews
  • Meeting Actions Requiring Todo Lists
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