Lines & Calls

Fixed line rental at a lower cost than BT from Microtech.

Working with our communications partners we provide exceptional service and significant savings on all calls. You can expect choice and flexibility when it comes to choosing your tariff, and you won’t have to worry about changing your existing telephone numbers. The only difference is the name at the top of your bill, and the (much smaller) price at the bottom.

Benefits of our Fixed Line Rental

Call logging

The standard billing information can provide call breakdowns by direct dial number or extension number. For more detailed analysis we offer bill analysis software. We can even provide statistical analysis of incoming calls across geographic and non-geographic numbers.

Billing flexibility

We issue your bill how you want to see it, for example, by site, by cost centre, or as a CSV file for import into your accounts package. We can accommodate most requirements with HIGHnet’s leading edge billing platform and first class customer services team, just let us know.

Environmental impact

We are actively doing our bit for the environment. By sending bills by email, we reduce paper, toxic print consumables, and vehicles on the road. Of course, if you require your bill in paper format, this can be arranged.

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