Patientrack is an award winning, always-on, active safety and communication system that delivers measurable sustainable benefits. Patientrack work with hospitals to ensure that policies on vital signs capture, early warning scores (EWS), clinical responses to EWS and assessment protocols are captured in Patientrack. Patientrack then ensures that users are supported in applying these policies and monitoring compliance with these, at a glance, in real-time. By using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, workstations on wheels, or even tethered bedside or bay devices, vital signs can be quickly captured at the patient bedside. This enables the real time calculation of the EWS with 100% accuracy.

  • Patientrack will automatically raise an alert directly with clinicians and will escalate and manage these alerts when intervention is needed
  • Powerful workflow and assessments toolkit allows the hospital to deploy a large range of assessments and screenings including VTE, sepsis, dementia, MRSA, fluid balance, in-dwelling devices and nutrition
  • Through early identification of deteriorating patients, Patientrack helps hospitals meet national and local targets for improvements in patient safety, whilst cutting costs through reducing lengths of stay and reduced transfers to ICU within the hospital
  • Patientrack can support a hospital’s own EWS protocols, as well as national protocols like NEWS
  • Assessments and screening, workflow and data capture can be localised for each hospital

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