Docman For NHS

Spending more time on paper than patients? Microtech are the sole Scottish distributor for PCTI software Docman. PCTI have been at the forefront of their Document Management Software for many years through their flagship product – Docman. Having installed and now supporting Docman in all GP practices in Scotland, we work with over 1500 sites that are reaping the benefits of having a paperless or paperlite practice.

  • Fast & Reliable access to patient notes from anywhere within the practice
  • No time delay waiting for paper to circulate
  • Reduced admin time pulling paper case notes
  • Reduces Storage Space
  • Improved Security
  • Detailed Audit Trail

Docman For Business

We take care of the paperwork so you can take care of your clients. Microtech currently supports over 1000 businesses with systems that tame the daily paper storm. Docman software is an easy, fast way to file, annotate, discuss and distribute documents, drastically cutting admin hassle and the risk of losing something vital. Which means it also saves you money. We don’t just supply the software and equipment we provide a complete service from installation, training through to full technical support of the product.

  • Reduces filing time
  • Eliminates re-filing time
  • Distribute mail electronically
  • Enables multiple user access to documents
  • Retrieve documents much more quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce the risk of misfiling
  • Reduces storage space
  • Password protect documents
  • Secure audit trail

Intellisense For Docman

Accurate and efficient filing and Read Coding with Intellisense saving your practice hours a day in filing and Read Coding. Intellisense is a Clinical Content Recognition system which helps speed up the filing process of incoming post. Patient details in a document are highlighted and automatically populated into the fields needed to file the document. Letters are clinical coded accurately and quickly to maximise QOF points. The software scans the letter and presents Read Codes to the user working seamlessly with the patient records.

  • Saves you time: 60 seconds per document can be saved with Intellisense.
  • Increase QOF points: Let Intellisense summarise your letters to help you get maximum QOF points.
  • Greater accuracy: Have higher filing accuracy with Intellisense which finds patient details for you.
  • Even more shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts for even quicker filing to allow you to focus your efforts on patient care.

Docman Collaborator

Collaborator offers a fully audited discussion platform for your organisation, enabling everyone to manage, share and discuss matters relating to patients and the running of the surgery or clinic. Docman Collaborator presents a unique software solution for the healthcare sector, leveraging the power of Docman with its integration into your clinical system and access to documents and the data stored therein. Docman allows all of the professionals working in your organisation to collaborate on any matter without the need for them to be in the same room at the same time or exchanging phone calls and emails.

  • Internal Referral Review
  • Complex Patient Discussion
  • Trainee Mentors
  • Managing Patient Complaints
  • Policy Drafts and Reviews
  • Meeting Actions Requiring Todo Lists

iWorkflow for Docman

The very latest in next-generation electronic document workflow. iWorkflow incorporates intelligent routing based on assigned actions which streamline the creation and processing of workflows. It provides practices with huge measurable efficiencies and frees-up valuable time for healthcare professionals and administrative staff. Working closely with practices iWorkflow has been developed to directly improve processes around the practice. The intelligent Action Based Workflow features and Quick Step single click options reduce interactions saving GPs and practice staff time. iWorkflow is an intuitive, intelligent and advanced workflow module to the advantage of healthcare professionals. The clean, easy-to-use interface facilitates a fast workflow process, enabling practices to spend more time on patient care, not admin.

  • Increase productivity; fewer mouse clicks, group commonly used items together, create productivity shortcuts, emphasise important areas of the screen to aid decision making.
  • Make work flowing more intelligent; actions can determine the route, get an opinion, CC - copy a colleague, forwarding.


EDT enables GP practices to receive documents directly from hospitals electronically without the need for manual attachment or scanning. If additional information is sent with the document (known as 'meta-data') it can be used to automatically identify patient and document details without user intervention.

  • EDT saves considerable time compared with manual handling of documents, resulting in greatly improved communications between the hospitals and GPs.
  • EDT is able to collect from multiple message streams enabling practices to receive from multiple document sources in the same trust or from neighbouring trusts.
  • No matter how many streams a practice collects from, all documents are delivered to Docman. This is convenient both in practical terms for the clinician and from an audit/clinical governance point of view.


Customer records, invoices, etc. taking up too much space? Become totally paperless with Microtech's Backscanning Service. We will scan and file documents into the correct place within your Docman folder structure. You will never need to file or re-file records ever again!! The security of your documents is of paramount importance to us throughout the whole back scanning process. This service is suitable for any Docman user that no longer wants to deal with paper records. We are more than happy to give you a free quote for this service and explain the procedure in more detail.

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